Summed [verb]

Definition of Summed:

count, calculate

Synonyms of Summed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summed:

Sentence/Example of Summed:

"Maybe I've been mean—but you're been meaner," she summed up, in self-justification.

Then Massot, with his sarcastic impudence, summed up the situation.

The reasons for Bewick's remarkable effectiveness can now be summed up.

The sentiments of the egoist are summed up in the maxim, "After me the deluge!"

In a sentence she summed up the long catalogue that had been given to him by her silence.

The rest of morality was summed up in the precepts of the art of pleasing.

The conclusions which he draws from these data are summed up by him as follows.

The music had summed up to her all that had happened or could happen in her career.

The ethics of the Timaeus may be summed up in the single idea of 'law.'

And at the end the same thought is summed up by him in an abstract form.