Summerhouse [noun]

Definition of Summerhouse:

rustic dwelling

Synonyms of Summerhouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summerhouse:


Sentence/Example of Summerhouse:

The summerhouse remained, and a most unexceptionable path led to it.

It has the dimensions and general outlines of a summerhouse.

To get out of the rain and rest, Randy took himself to the summerhouse.

All this lay within Mary Louise's field of vision from the summerhouse and yet she saw it not.

This evening she was sitting in the summerhouse with some needlework.

We stepped into the summerhouse, now pretty dark, and waited expectant.

Then they came out upon the grass lawn before the summerhouse.

The poet came to the summerhouse and stood outside, irresolute.

At each repetition he banged the wooden post of the summerhouse with his cudgel.

Within the garden was the summerhouse built by Mercer in 1765.