Summery [adjective]

Definition of Summery:

pertaining to summer

Synonyms of Summery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summery:


Sentence/Example of Summery:

"Rather a summery outfit," thought Clif as he took it in with a glance.

For in that summery clime shade, not sun, is the desideratum.

Though the night was summery, the chill of that involuntary bath was unpleasant.

Not much longer could she go blithely along the summery paths of summer.

Nina had taken off her coat and was wearing a dress as summery in appearance as the garden.

Octavia slid the gray glove into the bosom of her summery morning gown.

But the air was warm, and the breezes lifted and stirred the tender darkness above her head with a summery sweetness.

Comparatively milder weather, but still the farmers we passed on the road were startled by my summery attire.

Catching trout is strictly a summery pleasure, and when indulged in at any other season should be visited by Summary punishment.

The scent which came from her summery shirt waist and the coils of her black hair, thrilled him.