Summoner [noun]

Definition of Summoner:

server of summons

Synonyms of Summoner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summoner:


Sentence/Example of Summoner:

Already the summoner and the archers with their prisoner were clear of the house.

Zra answered to the summoner, and the priest, taking off his hat, saluted her.

The evil one is sarcastic on the special wickedness of the Summoner.

Thus, if the Summoner had been to a house first, the Friar was likely to suffer.

The Summoner was ashamed to say what he really was, so he said, Yes.

You will see later why he was so anxious to bring the Summoner to his own dwelling.

Yes, says the Summoner, pay me—lets see—twelve pence, and I will let you off.

Fine, fine it was for him, be sure, to be the summoner to battle!

His summoner received him gravely, and motioned him to a chair.

Good Martin's reply was a stroke of his broad-sword that brought the summoner from his saddle to the ground.