Sump [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sump:

Because, as he was prone to admit to himself, "dey was sump'in' in de unnerstannin'."

A manhole had to be put in the top and a sump in the bottom.

It may have been on the office sofa or it may have been in the sump.

But lemme tell ye, thar was more'n sump'n to eat in that bag!

We've got a good quarter-mile of deep rock for the sump hole.

That was the purpose of the four nuclear pumps in the sump hole.

"I got sump'n to tell you," said July, hastening to change an embarrassing subject.

"He wuz jes signin' some kin' er deeds or sump'n," said Daddy.

Ef I ain't done come traipsin' off en lef' my ole man money-pus, en he got sump'n' in dar w'at he won't take a purty fer, needer!

Nex' time you see a crowd er folks lookin' at sump'n' right hard, you des watch um, honey.