Sumptuous [adjective]

Definition of Sumptuous:

luxurious, splendid

Synonyms of Sumptuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sumptuous:

Sentence/Example of Sumptuous:

The King, who had caused a sumptuous banquet to be prepared, was inconsolable.

Some of the public buildings in Manchester are most sumptuous.

In this way we enjoyed our humble meal as much as if it had been a sumptuous feast.

How does the voice indicate the contrast between the meagre and the sumptuous?

Godfrey was remarkable for his generosity and sumptuous entertainments.

The whole shop had the sombre and sumptuous look of its owner.

These bore the sumptuous wardrobe, presented by the city to their princess.

It is unfortunate that when we have to do with a sumptuous corpse, undertakers have their way.

Meagre indeed we should think the furniture, but it was sumptuous for the date.

Sumptuous apartments were assigned her in the palace of Versailles.