Sumptuousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sumptuousness:

Ascher does not care for sumptuousness or abundance; but he knows how to eat well.

The sumptuousness of the background was disastrous to the pictures.

All this sumptuousness was destroyed in the sixth century by the Goths.

This is not the result of sumptuousness and elaboration, but of pure applied science.

I was surprised at the sumptuousness of the apartment, and did not hesitate to say so.

Some of them are almost palatial in size and sumptuousness of arrangement.

She talked to me of Scotland, and perhaps I noticed in her a tendency to enlarge on the sumptuousness of her establishment there.

He kept his carriages and horses, his cellar of costly wines, and entertained on a scale of great extravagance and sumptuousness.

The sumptuousness of a feast may mean great friendship, but it may be used to hide intense enmity.

In this medium he arrived at a sumptuousness unsurpassed by preceding painters.