Sunbeams [noun]

Definition of Sunbeams:

luminescence from sun or other source

Opposite/Antonyms of Sunbeams:

Sentence/Example of Sunbeams:

The sunbeam had vanished, not only from the page, but from the room.

A sunbeam, escaping from beneath a cloud, gilded the fine drops of water.

Fluffy, tell Downy the little story I told you the other day, about the sunbeam.

Calling at Trincomalee en route, the 'Sunbeam' next proceeded to Burmah.

The 'Sunbeam' left Macassar on the evening of the 20th of April.

On this, her first visit, the 'Sunbeam' remained only three days at Bombay.

These brief facts will account for his presence on board the 'Sunbeam.'

From three to five o'clock I was 'at home' on board the 'Sunbeam.'

Then cautiously, slowly, she made Sunbeam feel his way across the snow.

If you girls will go in the 'bus I will lead Sunbeam and Paddy home.