Sundry [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sundry:

Faults of temper she may have had, and eke narrow prejudices on sundry points.

All around him he saw the prone bodies of his men, naked to the view of all and sundry.

It is the custom of the Asiatics, you know, to invite all and sundry to a wedding.

The monster was minded of mankind now sundry to seize in the stately house.

The stuffing is of fern, feathers, mounga, and sundry other matters.

Then sundry hums and ahs, but no syllable of counsel or cheer.

There were sundry nods of the grave noddles assembled about the table.

One remark, and one only, had he for all and sundry who chose him as a butt for their pleasantries.

After this fashion did they behave themselves for sundry days.

Miss Mehitable followed with sundry boxes which she took to the motor.