Sung [verb]

Definition of Sung:

carry a tune with one's voice

Synonyms of Sung:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sung:

Sentence/Example of Sung:

Listen to me, and I will show you how the song ought to have been sung.

But she could not sing as she had sung a little while before.

It was the ballad she had sung at Christmas—in what different mood!

Then Rico fiddled and sung the verse with her, and said again, "Some more."

But he did not have the work acted; it was sung in costume with a background of appropriate scenery.

He sung out like a singing-master, but I did not stop to chime in.

I sung out, "there's breakers, and everybody must shift for himself."

Then hope had sprung up in his breast and had sung of freedom.

He laughed again, and whistled the burden of the tune he had sung at the door.

Folk who have sung so sweetly together should not fight thereafter.