Sunlit [adjective]

Definition of Sunlit:

bright, clear (referring to weather)

Synonyms of Sunlit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sunlit:

Sentence/Example of Sunlit:

They fell on the sunlit slope of grass, and he did not pick them up.

She was looking out on the sunlit city as if taking a last farewell of it.

The stormy night had been succeeded by a calm and sunlit day.

With that he flung the two pieces wide into the sunlit waters of the brook.

The gloom of the darkling forests, too, had passed into the sunlit parks of delight.

I felt like a man lifted suddenly from a dungeon into the sunlit world.

It was like a glimpse into some newly-discovered, silent, sunlit Hades.

The fruit minded us of sunlit vines, and the careless rapture of the South.

His memories were all of the sunlit meadows and starry nights along the way.

He surveyed the sunlit scene about him from the control-room door.