Sunned [verb]

Definition of Sunned:

lie in sunlight

Synonyms of Sunned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sunned:



Sentence/Example of Sunned:

The skins were sunned and stored in the rooms of Cadet Chouteau.

Thus thinking, Earle sunned himself in the radiance of her smiles.

This was the only endearment that life had vouchsafed Pelle, and he sunned himself in it.

After that I ate some luncheon, and sunned myself on a flat rock. '

After a rain the trap bed should be torn up and sunned awhile.

Having been lying down in her clothes she was warm as a sunned cat.

Sometimes they sunned themselves on the surface, snapping idly at the measurers and whirligigs.

Pale women and children emerged from their laager, put on their finery, sunned themselves, and did their shopping.

These tenements are scoured once a week, when the beds are sunned, and every thing turned out.

Nor as he sunned himself and inhaled with enjoyment the freshness of the air did any sign escape him that he marked a change.