Sunniness [noun]

Definition of Sunniness:

lightness in spirit

Synonyms of Sunniness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sunniness:

Sentence/Example of Sunniness:

She has a way of smoothing everything over—it's her sunniness, I think.

A slight cloud seemed to dim the sunniness of the author's mood.

He could not of course know of her severe training in sunniness.

It is also remarkable for its sunniness in winter and its breeziness at all seasons of the year.

Emerald came back wearing a smile that was sunniness itself.

In sum, she was little more than a mere animal, enjoying the sunniness of life, cowering and whimpering when its shadow came.

Phyllis wouldn't be there, to be sure, but the place would have her peace and sunniness about it.

Yet repeated shocks of this character fail to daunt the sunniness of his true nature.

She was sunniness itself, and her criticism of life—including her uncle—was fresh and breezy.

She grew hollow-eyed, the shadows deepened, and her sunniness of temper gave place to an unaccustomed melancholy.