Sunrises [noun]

Definition of Sunrises:

rise of sun above horizon

Synonyms of Sunrises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sunrises:

Sentence/Example of Sunrises:

The morning was clear, with a temperature at sunrise of 24°.

I am a man that is at hard labour of one kind or another from sunrise to sunset.

"This is the first time I have sat down since sunrise," he laughed.

It was about an hour after sunrise, and the day was bright and warm.

"I fancy that after sunrise we won't have time to think about water," he said.

As soon as might be, Phaethon set out for the country of sunrise.

Our big guns roared from sunrise to sunset, and began again in the morning.

He rose early next morning, and was a-foot soon after sunrise.

He begins to feel that the stars are strange, that the moon is sad, that the sunrise is mighty.

What colors of the prism are shown most in sunset or sunrise?