Sunshiny [adjective]

Definition of Sunshiny:

bright, clear (referring to weather)

Synonyms of Sunshiny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sunshiny:

Sentence/Example of Sunshiny:

As at some time the wind rises, so after a sunshiny day there may be a tempestuous night.

The day was a beautiful, bright, sunshiny one, with clear skies overhead.

It was a mild, sunshiny morning, with little wind, and that from the northeast.

Even under his sorrow about my mother he is as sunshiny as possible.

It is in our working hours that we should seek to be cheerful and sunshiny.

The evening that opened so clear and sunshiny has clouded rapidly over.

The plates lighted up, bathing the room in sunshiny brightness.

She would want him to be at his pictures 'On such a sunshiny morning!'

What rivers, how sunshiny and revelling, are the Brembo and the Serio!

The weather was fine and sunshiny, with a light southerly breeze.