Superannuated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Superannuated:

It is too depressing, these vagaries, these senile ramblings of a superannuated musician.

Started a superannuated fortune, and just now upon the full scent.

It was a boon to superannuated officers, and the number was limited.

Then there will be a demonstration, at any rate, and then the thing will be superannuated.

Of their small force some of the soldiers were superannuated, others invalid.

A third youth had been recently superannuated: he was for ballast, Louis said.

Only think,” said Peterkin, with a suppressed laugh, “of a superannuated wild-cat!

As the others are used like Fools and superannuated Persons, so we will use these like Madmen.

It is the paradise of the moderate walker or the superannuated mountaineer.

But Huldah, as she plays with your Harry there, does not look to me as if she were superannuated yet.