Superbly [adverb]

Definition of Superbly:

without flaw

Synonyms of Superbly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Superbly:

Sentence/Example of Superbly:

Superbly self-possessed as he was, he could not conceal his anger.

She was superbly dressed, her neck and arms and hair were all a-glitter with diamonds.

Eighteen years before, Moscow society had defeated him, superbly.

They were superbly muscular and used to the dragging efforts of novices.

She was superbly willing to amuse, and on any terms; and her temper could do it as well as her wit.

He rose from the table, bowing grandly, superbly, arrogantly.

It is a superbly beautiful scene, perhaps the most beautiful in all Europe.

The characters are superbly drawn; the atmosphere is convincing.

I once had one; I was then in my sixteenth year, and superbly beautiful.

That long, muscular body was superbly steady on the short, thick legs.