Superficiality [noun]

Definition of Superficiality:

external part of something

Synonyms of Superficiality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Superficiality:

Sentence/Example of Superficiality:

But as in this latter case, the superficiality and slightness of the work are deceptive.

But when other critics accused him of superficiality they were in error.

Thus the frailty and superficiality of our own judgments cannot brook contradiction.

His changes therefore indicate, not superficiality, but depth.

Its object was to counteract the influence and superficiality of the Arcadians.

Sin and justice, not destroyed by superficiality of misfortunes, iii.

Justice not destroyed by superficiality of punishments, iii.

He told himself that he had no place in the superficiality of modern life.

That this sometimes led to superficiality and mediocrity cannot be denied.

By this I do not mean sentimentalism or superficiality or desultoriness.