Superhuman [adjective]

Definition of Superhuman:

beyond human

Synonyms of Superhuman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Superhuman:

Sentence/Example of Superhuman:

Then the superhuman and divine is absolutely incapable of falsehood?

He had no fears of anybody or anything, either human or superhuman.

I have made the most superhuman efforts to raise you in society.

Indeed, he was always not only human, but superhuman; not only a man, but superman.

They did not think that the Pope's power was superhuman so far as they were concerned.

And yet––what thrilling, Jove-like, superhuman deviltry it was!

Then at last she smiled, and there was in her eyes a look of superhuman love.

Some admirers of the conquerors credit them with superhuman massacres.

You're too lovable, too human, Doris, to be the superhuman kind.

He has fully recognized the independence of morality from superhuman beliefs.