Superimposed [verb]

Definition of Superimposed:

lay over something else

Synonyms of Superimposed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Superimposed:


Sentence/Example of Superimposed:

This appears to have consisted of three stages, one superimposed on the other.

Now the unlikely idea of a superimposed mirage was dispelled.

He lifted off the superimposed books, and shoved the Bible to one side.

Quillan flicked on their course screen and superimposed the map Lyad had marked.

The superimposed stone has slipped off, and rests against the others.

The letters are to be superimposed on the chart as was done for the vowels.

Superimposed on the beds frame was a mattress and army blanket.

In some eggs several layers of colouring matter are superimposed.

Shell in chambers, superimposed linearly on a straight or curved axis.

Chambers piled or superimposed on one axis, forming a spiral erection.