Superlative [adjective]

Definition of Superlative:

excellent, first-class

Opposite/Antonyms of Superlative:

Sentence/Example of Superlative:

And superlative morality is found, of course, only in the newspapers.

It tells a story of superlative defiance––the defiance of death.

It is not that they revealed a superlative degree of disorganization.

The comparative is declined weak, but the superlative is declined strong and weak.

He who has a superlative for everything, wants a measure for the great or small.

Shakespeare frequently uses the comparative for the superlative.

Shall we not discriminate in our employment of the superlative?

There should be a superlative form of perfect for a day like this!

Use both the comparative and the superlative forms of the adjective.

On the other hand, we can't have been left on account of our superlative badness.