Superlatively [adverb]

Definition of Superlatively:

without flaw

Synonyms of Superlatively:

Opposite/Antonyms of Superlatively:

Sentence/Example of Superlatively:

If anything with us is good, it is superlatively good for being brief.

The alderman's eulogium on Mr. Punch was superlatively good.

How superlatively happy she would be to accompany Mrs. Swiggs.

You don't, I mean, as a rule, get it all so superlatively together.

His name was Auku-wonze-zee, that is to say, “he who is superlatively old.”

The palette of the embroiderer in silk is superlatively rich.

It was a consolation to see how handsome and superlatively smart he looked!

And a lady that is died for, must of course be superlatively charming.

Anyway, the wild raven has been superlatively shy of man ever since the flood.

Said the superlatively wicked Woman, You know I have order'd her not to answer you.