Supermarket [noun]

Definition of Supermarket:

place, venue for selling goods

Synonyms of Supermarket:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supermarket:


Sentence/Example of Supermarket:

The Supermarket took all we had—except a dozen—and at a dollar fifty each.

We began to find better bargains elsewhere, in the supermarket.

They turned into the supermarket and mingled with the shoppers.

She pressed through the crowds entering and leaving the supermarket.

A gasoline station and a weed-grown lot would shortly be replaced by a supermarket.

The back door of the supermarket was forced and somebody made off with a variety of groceries.

Apparently he cashed the check at the little store, or the supermarket, near where you lived there in New Orleans.

That put it early in April, which decreased the weather hazard—a major consideration in even a trip to the Supermarket.

Do you know, are you familiar with Hutch's Market, Supermarket?

Do you remember the Hutch's Supermarket, owned by Mr. Hutchison?