Supernatant [adjective]

Definition of Supernatant:

light in weight

Synonyms of Supernatant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supernatant:

Sentence/Example of Supernatant:

The supernatant part is then to be poured off into a similar vessel.

The supernatant liquor is the mordant; it has a density of 11° or 111⁄2° Baumé.

A little of the supernatant ether is now removed to a small glass capsule or watch-glass, and allowed to evaporate spontaneously.

It should then be separated by means of a glass funnel from the supernatant liquid, and again washed; this time with simple water.

The mass is then boiled, when the supernatant oil is removed by skimming.

You see here I can pour off the supernatant liquid clear, leaving our silver and gelatine as a clot at the bottom of the vessel.

Pour off the supernatant liquid, wash the precipitate with sugared water, express, mix it with 10 oz.

Plumbic acetate gives a purplish-red precipitate, mercuric cyanide a blue one, the supernatant liquid being also blue.

The supernatant ether, however, was slightly turbid in appearance, a fact which was at first ignored.

On allowing them to stand, perfect subsidence took place, leaving the supernatant water colorless and brilliant.