Supernatural [adjective]

Definition of Supernatural:

mysterious, not of this world

Opposite/Antonyms of Supernatural:

Sentence/Example of Supernatural:

You might often believe in supernatural occurrences if it were not for the witnesses.

In the classes above them the supernatural has been slain by the supercilious.

Certainly, many of the workings of Nature are wonderful, but they are not supernatural.

With respect to the supernatural scenes I have beheld, the question is more difficult.

It could not have been that his 'foreknowledge' was supernatural.

Bunyan was perfectly satisfied that her death was supernatural.

Its scope, how limited.feeling as might mark the features for supernatural.

The medical men were not singular in denying their supernatural origin.

Then they went off, for they had not felt there the supernatural happiness they sought.

Even to his sober judgment, there came a suggestion of the uncanny, the supernatural.