Supernormal [adjective]

Definition of Supernormal:

very strange, unusual

Opposite/Antonyms of Supernormal:

Sentence/Example of Supernormal:

For other supernormal developments that "one stream" might have been music or sports.

We had demonstrated clearly that their movement was supernormal.

Let us establish one supernormal fact and then reach for another.

The insult stimulates the girl to a supernormal fascination.

Yes, perhaps, but only by attributing to us unknown and supernormal faculties.

What is the net result of the evidence for all classes of supernormal phenomena?

He may also give evidence of supernormal perception of other kinds.

It was as though she knew, by a supernormal sensitiveness, the symptoms of someone else.

"Don't think I'm telling you that from any supernormal source," she said.

The supernormal, as I said at the beginning, not the supernatural, is our explanation.