Supersedes [verb]

Definition of Supersedes:

take the place of; override

Synonyms of Supersedes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supersedes:

Sentence/Example of Supersedes:

There is a fire of mind which supersedes labour, and produces what labour cannot.

This supersedes and replaces any and all wills and testaments I may have made at any past time.

"Avarice supersedes enterprise," added the sententious Augustus.

Intuition, omniscient, supersedes memory and reasonings, iv.

When we say that the Divine reason assists, we do not mean that it supersedes the human.

The Canton-Hankow railway also supersedes it for through traffic.

But the religion of this place was of that kind which supersedes instead of improving humanity.

Pantheism supersedes,—Christian Theism reveals, the doctrine of a real creation.

If there is a federal bankruptcy law in force it supersedes all conflicting provisions in the state laws on the subject.

Another period of waiting, and Joe ordered: "Say, 'I've got a much better plan that supersedes the old.'"