Superstitious [adjective]

Definition of Superstitious:

having superstitions

Synonyms of Superstitious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Superstitious:


Sentence/Example of Superstitious:

If I were superstitious or easily disheartened, I should say—but I am neither!

I trust I am not superstitious, but the vision had remained with me in all its tormenting detail.

Seamen, you know, are superstitious on the subject of corpses.

His usually courageous eyes were full of superstitious fear.

Her half-crazy, superstitious notion could only have been combatted by its non-realisation.

If you're not superstitious, there's no excuse for not giving it to me.

I am not superstitious, as a general thing, but the sight comforted me.

"To-night, then," said the girl, yielding to her father's superstitious fears.

It was Clifton, who was inclined to be superstitious and envious at the same time.

Even the higher classes are not exempt from this superstitious fear.