Superstructure [noun]

Definition of Superstructure:

tall building

Synonyms of Superstructure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Superstructure:


Sentence/Example of Superstructure:

Feuillet, to raise the compleat and finish'd Superstructure on Mons.

Not unless they're settin' on th' fur side o' th' superstructure.

It is the foundation without which the superstructure is in vain.

We were standing back against the 316 wall of the superstructure.

It is this basis of insincerity which reveals itself throughout the superstructure.

The foundations of the superstructure that was to be were thus laid by Wishart.

Take that away, and the superstructure of centuries crumbles to the ground.

The solidity was all in the superstructure; the fluctuation had been all in the foundations.

His superstructure indeed is demonstration, but his ground is faith.

He stood docilely against the cabin wall of the superstructure.