Supervise [verb]

Definition of Supervise:

manage people, project

Opposite/Antonyms of Supervise:

Sentence/Example of Supervise:

Construction is being supervised by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which had estimated the project would be ready to hand over to Metro this spring.

Some students are doing all-virtual learning from their classrooms, supervised by an aide.

The New Haven school board, supervising some 20,600 students, worried about the safety of buildings and buses, about protecting staff and students, about possible spikes in infections, and more.

When his mother is outside in the panda area, Xiao Qi Ji likes to come out of the den and “supervise” the keepers “as they clean and get the habitat ready for Mei Xiang’s return,” officials said.

American women with children are also three times as likely to have lost work, according to the Pew Center, as mothers are often tasked with more child care, or supervised at-home schooling.

The only officer disciplined over the incident was a lieutenant who the department concluded had failed to properly supervise the investigation.

During my first year onboard, I spent all my waking hours either supervising reactor operations or learning the intricacies of every inch of the 350-foot tube and the science behind how it all worked.

These judgement calls can be simple, but are often supervised and approved or rejected by other Analysts globally, in order to minimize human bias.

A partnering telehealth company called eMed will have certified guides supervising administration of the test by video to make sure consumers use it correctly.

There have been many changes within public education due to the coronavirus pandemic, and learning pods are one way to help parents deal with the responsibility of supervising their children’s education from home.