Supped [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Supped:

They supped together, and related mutually all that happened since their parting.

We supped in the circle which has the statue of Handel in its centre.

He dined with the King and Queen, and supped with the whole family.

I supped alone that night with no other company than Busio's, who ministered to my needs.

But since he has not supped he is not like to be long absent.

Lady Susan and her daughters, and the Kingstons, came in the evening, and all supped.

He had just supped, with but an indifferent appetite, so fevered was he by the events of his landing.

I supped comfortably, and then walked out to the stable to see Charcoal.

Next day Mengs returned to Rome, and I supped with him and his family.

The same evening we went and supped with them, but we could not sleep there.