Supper [noun]

Definition of Supper:

food, often taken by several individuals

Synonyms of Supper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supper:


Sentence/Example of Supper:

He made his way to the dining-room, where supper was under way.

We did justice to the supper, as we had not had anything to eat for thirty-two hours.

Only, my dear, do not disgrace my report when you come to supper.

Does he believe, that the disgrace which I supper on his account, will give him a merit with me?

When Banstead took the chorus out to supper he had the ready repartee of his kind.

They will think some good may be done with you—and supper will be ready.

Then, when supper was half over, Larry la Roche came in to camp.

When supper was over and the clock had struck twelve, the party separated.

Shortly the mistress of the house came in and ordered the supper.

The Street came decorously, albeit with a degree of uncertainty as to supper.