Supping [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Supping:

He is to sup at the Deanery to-morrow, and I am to be in waiting to see him.

The king is at the tent of the brave Du Guesclin, where he will sup to night.

Duerot has tried his hardest to sup in Lagny, and has been balked by German valour.

Let us skirt it and push on for Bruton, where we may spare time for bite and sup.'

And you're not a-going to ask me to take a sup out of that 'ere bottle, eh?'

Interruptions and discussions were frequent; they were also making pretence to sup.

So I invited him to sup with me, just as if he were a fair youth, and I a designing lover.

No, but a morning when he paid for his bed for he had nowther bite nor sup in the house.

If any body asks me to supper, I will refuse in order that I may sup with you. '

I did not again see my mother that day, nor did she sup with us that evening.