Supplanted [verb]

Definition of Supplanted:

displace, replace

Synonyms of Supplanted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supplanted:

Sentence/Example of Supplanted:

Its visor grinned at him--the fool, the tricked, the supplanted.

The truth was that the husband had been killed and supplanted by the horse.

Oh, yes, I recollect now;—you are the person who have supplanted my son.

He had supplanted the captain whose captaincy he afterwards held.

Who was the man I supplanted, as you say—the man who has made me pay dear for it, as you think?

I was forced, then, to the conclusion that she had been supplanted by the infernal widow.

Or perhaps Ribiera would merely be supplanted by another man.

Courage in battle was supplanted by the shield and mechanism of bodily safety.

He really seems to have supplanted ME as he has poor Kearney in your estimation.

The farmer was never troubled after the death of the woman whom he had supplanted.