Supplanting [verb]

Definition of Supplanting:

displace, replace

Synonyms of Supplanting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supplanting:

Sentence/Example of Supplanting:

He did not take kindly to the piano which was about to supplant his beloved clavichord.

One species of charlock will supplant another, and so in other cases.

Get one, and let him teach you and the men; but take good care that he does not supplant you.

That will teach you not to supplant me and go in my boat again, you young rascal!

And in industry, like everywhere else, women want to supplant us.

In vain did he search for another woman to supplant his love for Chiquita.

Of his own prowess, his power to supplant all rivals, he had no doubt.

Was the Americano, of all men in the world, to be the one to supplant him?

To supplement the righteousness of faith by that of law, meant to supplant it.

These supplant the ancient tradition and the old hierarchy of scholars.