Supple [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Supple:

I ought to be supple enough after the practice of these three days.

Year by year she grew, a brown-faced cherub, strong-limbed and supple.

And never before had she seemed to him so supple and so strong.

Her wet garment outlined her supple figure and her high bosom.

I bent over to her rapidly and threw my arm around her supple waist.

He had the classic style, accurate, evenly balanced, and supple.

How straight and supple she was, yet how dainty and slight withal!

While the limbs are still soft and supple they trail full length on the ground.

But since the day of the funeral her supple nature had unbent.

And so on it goes, winding in among the tree-trunks, slender and supple as a young girl.