Supplementing [verb]

Definition of Supplementing:

add to

Synonyms of Supplementing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supplementing:

Sentence/Example of Supplementing:

"Too slowly, since swords and pikes have to be supplementing its blade," said Gilbert.

Two passages from his diary, the second supplementing the first, supply the picture.

I shall only be supplementing what you told in your letters, Laura.

Miss Ellsling, on the stage, seemed to be supplementing this remark.

The other boy joined in at intervals, supplementing my remarks.

From this point of view the Wasps may be regarded as supplementing the Knights.

Why should he speak of supplementing the use of gold with silver, any more than supplementing the use of silver with gold?

They have been tireless in supplementing the service of other organizations.

The lecture method is also useful in supplementing the recitations of the pupils.

This he spent in supplementing the scanty rations served out.