Supplements [noun]

Definition of Supplements:

something added

Synonyms of Supplements:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supplements:



Sentence/Example of Supplements:

Every now and then your escapades enliven the Paris Sunday supplements.

For every mistake there is another mistake which supplements it.

(So Heaven) diminishes where there is superabundance, and supplements where there is deficiency.

The papers were full of it at the time; since then it has been occasionally featured in the supplements.

Where is the people's Queen—his peer—who supports and supplements him?

We have been supplying some of these pictures to the Chicago Tribune for supplements.

Crag wanted to tell him he had been reading too many Sunday supplements but didn't.

In a wild, reckless debauch it supplements mans every need and hunger.

The catalogue is printed, and is kept up by annual supplements.

She supplements natural attractions with every resource of art.