Supplied [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Supplied:

"Let them be supplied with all that is heavy and weighty in the ship," said Sir Nigel.

In the case of doughnuts, this material is supplied as an ingredient.

"Ponce de Leon," supplied Dorcas Jane, proud that she could pronounce it.

The summer was devoted to the composition of Belshazzar, for which Jennens had supplied the libretto.

Wanhope cast about for the word, and Winver supplied it: "Pull out."

Thus the four tribes represented in his caravan were supplied.

I grew immoderately fond of that which supplied me with sensations.

No doubt he often supplied the germinal ideas, while his assistants only carried them out.

The object of hte is probably geweald, to be supplied from wordum weld of l. 30.

With the genitive to be supplied: brec þonne mste, 1488; imp.