Supplier [adjective]

Definition of Supplier:

lasting only a short while

Opposite/Antonyms of Supplier:

Sentence/Example of Supplier:

You know—they ask for one thing, and get the wrong weight, or their supplier is out of material, or something goes wrong.

For the present the supplier of brittle goods is satisfied, and for the future—well, I leave it to luck.

Some countries publish the minutes of the tender committee (which has to explain WHY it selected this or that supplier).

The goddess Themis in the early Greek mythology was the goddess of order as well as the supplier of themistes or decisions.

At this time Gay had been serving as the chief organizer and supplier of the forces of Kazagrandi.

Would not "purchaser" or "buyer," and "supplyman" or "supplier," be better terms?

To want to be loved means usually to want some one to be a protector, a giver of pleasure, a supplier of wants.

First, as to its value as a supplier of the necessary elements of plant-food.

He fed heavily on porridge, and was a cook (supplier of food) as well as a king.

In Calcutta the same influence has extinguished the trade of supplier of Ganges water.