Supplies [noun]

Definition of Supplies:

equipment, provisions

Synonyms of Supplies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supplies:


Sentence/Example of Supplies:

I'm going to buy our supplies at that house, Stilly, if you have no objections.

I was informed that it contained only two days' supplies for one brigade.

We took in supplies at sea, the object being to keep us from getting rusty.

Besides, it supplies a deficiency which would have occurred had it been left out.

With these were also granted 6,000 oxen accustomed to the plough, as well as supplies of seeds, &c.

My supplies and apparatus were stored on board and the crew were making ready to be off.

"We'll have to have some supplies this afternoon," put in Ned.

We have come out for supplies, and can scarce go back empty-handed.

Another month's supplies, sir—most of the stores was on the Vulcan, sir.

No artillery was captured, but a great quantity of supplies was taken.