Supportable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Supportable:

If it be for what I apprehend it to be, life will not be supportable upon the terms.

The only thing which makes it supportable for a while is curiosity.

The historical form has at last found a poet to render it supportable.

How then could seven or eight hundred years of life be supportable?

To her it is only the thought that her state of dependence is temporary that makes it supportable.

Life was so terrible it would not be supportable without love.

If a horse should be elated and say, "I am handsome," it would be supportable.

The descent only occupied two or three minutes, and yet the shock was supportable.

I think it a supportable thesis that every age, every wide and popular movement, finds its supreme expression in a Poet.

But I left myself in a solitary situation, which even the return of my good fortune cannot render easy and supportable.