Supporters [noun]

Definition of Supporters:

person who helps another

Opposite/Antonyms of Supporters:



Sentence/Example of Supporters:

To the supporters of Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Round must be added 154 who were paired.

No doubt, all that the supporters of any tyranny desire is to be let alone.

Then it flew over his head, while there sounded a groan from the Lakeville supporters.

Florent was never able to enlist Claude amongst his supporters.

Curiosity, however, induced his supporters to remain and hear the reply.

And with these theories must inevitably fall their supporters and promulgators.

The semi-savages who in Mayo demand autonomy have no supporters here.

A handful of their supporters stood by awaiting their decision.

Like genuine dolts, they would have an army of supporters, one-minded with them in everything.

Ysaffich's defection, too, threw a great gloom over all my supporters.