Supports [noun]

Definition of Supports:

something that holds up structure

Synonyms of Supports:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supports:

Sentence/Example of Supports:

Lying down on the stone of the wall that supports the iron railings.

For, while Pat supports himself, he can do nothing to help at home.

The other frigates followed, and ranged themselves as supports.

But Psychology has also some other supports, specious rather than real.

The supports, however, while resting, must remain alert and vigilant.

Who is it that cheers, consoles, encourages, and supports us?

In losing all the gifts, with all their supports, I found the Giver.

He supports himself by his work in the summer, and looks like a man of 80.

If the supports continued, his stupendous task was virtually ended.

He binds himself to work for a publisher who harbours and supports him.