Supposable [adjective]

Definition of Supposable:

probable, apt, hopeful

Opposite/Antonyms of Supposable:

Sentence/Example of Supposable:

It was not supposable that there can be a specific day of judgment, since every moment of our days is judged.

Now, the monks, it is supposable, might be commonplace drones.

It is not supposable that Mrs. Eddy realized, at first, the size of her plunder.

Such a defect of logic in a rival of Newton is not supposable.

That Clara should be without lovers, was not a supposable case.

"The case is not supposable," said Laura, who could not be serious half an hour at a time.

From which it was supposable that Leslie had been living in circles where the gaiety was hollow.

The case is not only supposable; it exists as an actual fact.

"He's a man," he answered briefly, adding nothing to the supposable fact.

It was supposable that this might be the place of places for fish.