Supposed [adjective]

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Those who were initiated were supposed to be peculiarly under the protection of the gods.

He knew the circumstances of the Rushtons, and he had not supposed they had any money on hand.

The boat he supposed to belong to Robert, and he was determined to spoil it.

It must not be supposed that this spring day in the spring places had reformed his manner of delivery.

It seemed like one risen from the dead, for he supposed him lying at the bottom of the sea.

Of this breed there are supposed to be about three millions in our Southern provinces.

I supposed this to be a custom with the colored population of Turkey, and passed on.

He hailed it as a present relief, though he supposed he should have to repay it some time.

Traffic was intense, and had reached what might be supposed its acme.

For, Madam, could I be supposed to govern the passions of either of the gentlemen?