Supposes [verb]

Definition of Supposes:

assume, guess

Synonyms of Supposes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supposes:

Sentence/Example of Supposes:

It supposes dualism and not unity in nature and consciousness.

No one supposes certain French novels to be a representation of ordinary French life.

He supposes a day of retribution, in which the good are to be rewarded and the wicked punished.

It supposes the body to continue and to be in another world what it has become in this.

Every universal truth which we express in words, implies or supposes every other truth.

And do you suppose that any one who knows what things he ought to do supposes that he ought not to do them?

He is dying to conform to anything that he supposes to be the discipline of his class.

That supposes that we have a choice; but my father thinks we have no choice.

To acquit myself with credit is not so easy as Don Baltazar supposes.

Even a hangman, one supposes, has some sort of human feeling.