Suppository [adjective]

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Acetate of Lead is contained in a pill, a suppository, and an ointment.

As a rule, the needle had better not be used, but a suppository given.

Divide into 12 equal parts, each of which is to be made into a conical or other convenient form of suppository.

A suppository, consisting of two grains of opium, combined with twenty grains of soap, is frequently of great benefit.

The suppository (Suppositoria plumbi composita) contains 20 per cent.

The insertion of a suppository or douching can be easily done by the patient herself.

It seems inartistic and sordid to insert a pessary or a suppository in anticipation of the sexual act.

When for two to three feet the lower bowel requires nourishment, a suppository night and morning is prescribed!

Make a suppository and insert night: Cocaine hydrochlorate, two grains; ext.

Opium given by the mouth or in suppository in equivalent quantity does not act with anything like the same efficacy.