Suppressed [verb]

Definition of Suppressed:

restrain, hold in check

Opposite/Antonyms of Suppressed:

Sentence/Example of Suppressed:

And the undercurrent of suppressed excitement, the sensation of Her!

A suppressed exhilaration rose-tinted every projected scheme.

"I shall not read you this," she said finally in a strangled, suppressed voice.

He entered with a face of suppressed joy and affected melancholy.

Resolutely he suppressed his sympathy for the ghost of Comrade Verloc, and went on.

This powerful fear of ridicule conquered, or suppressed, all other feelings.

Affections were not implanted in our nature to be suppressed and extinguished.

Fanny uttered a low and suppressed cry of delight and rapture.

"We have not," I said, and suppressed the "thank God" rising to my lips.

Mistress Affery, with a suppressed cry, threw her apron over her head.