Suppresses [verb]

Definition of Suppresses:

restrain, hold in check

Opposite/Antonyms of Suppresses:

Sentence/Example of Suppresses:

Delicacy is excellent in telling the truth, but the delicacy that suppresses the truth is sin.

But here what he suppresses is not a convention but a means of interpretation.

It permits all that is useful, and suppresses all that is annoying.

In this case, we sigh for him, and give him every groan he suppresses.

He magnifies his perfections—if he had any—and suppresses his imperfections.

This is not all, said Frederic: I am bound in honour to add what he suppresses.

Often do these qualities work the ruin of their owners, unless he suppresses them.

Bishop Cauchon suppresses with difficulty a gesture of impatience.

Mona, raising her hand to her lips, suppresses valiantly a yawn.

Sedition in Rome; Empress Theophania arrives there and suppresses it.